From tap water to healthy and personalized water

Our mission is to provide a healthy and personalized water at home.

We imagined and developed an innovative water purifier that provides you the best water for your body.

But above all, we are taking a step together to preserve the environment.

An innovative water purifier for home

Bello turns your tap water into a healthy and personalized water in order to provide the best water for your body and for the planet.

Feel amazing

Our technology provides healthy water containing all the essential minerals to stay hydrated. Bello’s dispenser provides you the best possible water for your body and with the best taste.


Enjoy pure water

Our unique technology provides purified, healthy water, free of all contaminants and impurities. Have a free mind when tasting your water.


Personalize your water

Our multi-level mineral cartridges remineralize and energize water. You can choose which minerals minerals that your body needs and which taste you want.


Our partners

Keep in touch

We are available at all times to share your ideas and move towards a more responsible way of consuming. do not hesitate to contact us


Bello Solutions improves life with healthy water and saves the planet from plastic bottles .

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